Candy Battling Chronic Kidney Disease

Candy has been very slow lately. She didn´t really want to eat anymore and got super skinny. She still went out with all the dogs but just laid down and was just not the Candy we used to know. So yesterday we sent her to the clinic.

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A Rough Day for Mr. Flip

Today, Mr. Flip was attacked while our Ibu was bringing the other dogs back to the house. He’s now recovering with staples for a deep wound and antibiotics for an infection. We really need a fence to keep our dogs safe.

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Get Involved

The journey with Kintamani Campur has been a rollercoaster, but my commitment to rescuing dogs in Bali has never changed. Over the years, I’ve saved many animals, but the number of suffering dogs is overwhelming. I need your help to make an even bigger impact. Whether you have skills in fundraising, event planning, social media, or just a love for dogs, your contribution can make a huge difference. Let’s work together to create a better future for Bali’s dogs.

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Hati the Ceremony Dog

This morning, I planned to visit the rescue house and take a walk with the dogs. As usual, Sophie ran ahead while I prepared my bike. Once I caught up with her, I noticed an open door of a house and Sophie darted inside. I followed her and discovered a tiny puppy lying in the corner. The Ibu (woman) there mentioned they planned to use the dog for a ceremony that night, a common practice in Bali.

Determined to save the puppy, I managed to convince another woman to let me take him. I named him Hati, hoping his little heart would keep beating. Despite initial fears of parvo, tests were negative, but Hati faced several other health issues. His journey was challenging and required ongoing care and monitoring.

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Mr. Flip

My morning plan changed unexpectedly as I went out to find a dog I had seen while riding my bike. Armed with meat and medicine, I couldn’t locate him and asked around without luck. A young woman pointed me to a house across the street, where I discovered an old, sick dog chained up in poor conditions. Overwhelmed but determined, I removed his chain and decided to rescue him immediately. Named Flip, this dog faced numerous health issues, including severe anemia and a urinary tract infection.

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