A Rough Day for Mr. Flip

While our Ibu was walking the other dogs in the fields and bringing them back one by one, Mr. Flip, who was already inside the house, was attacked. She didn´t see who attacked him, she just found him with a deep cut.

We brought Mr. Flip directly to the vet to get treated and did a new blood test since that was planned anyway as his previous medication was finished.

The vet found a big and deep wound that required staples. These staples will need to be removed in 10 days. Also, little Flip will have to take antibiotios to avoid infections. Hopefully his wounds will heal smoothly. He will stay tonight in the clinic and then tomorrow morning I will bring him back to the house. I told Ibu to always keep an extra eye on him but since she was alone I can not really blame here as it´s a lot of work with all these dogs.

Now let´s look into the blood test results. It´s almost to the day exactly one month ago that we brought him to the clinic and did the first blood test:


April 25, 2024 Results:

      • Red Blood Cells (RBC): Low

      • Haematocrit & Haemoglobin: Both were low, indicating anemia.

      • White Blood Cells (WBC): High, pointing to an infection.

      • Platelets: Normal, which was a good sign.

      • Total Protein & Globulin: High, indicating chronic inflammation or infection.

      • Glucose: Low, possibly due to stress or metabolic issues.

    May 24, 2024 Results:

        • Red Blood Cells (RBC): Still low but improved.

        • Haematocrit & Haemoglobin: Improved but still low, showing ongoing anemia.

        • White Blood Cells (WBC): Slightly increased, suggesting the infection might still be active.

        • Platelets: Normal and stable.


      What Do These Results Mean?

      Mr. Flip is still battling anemia, but there are signs of improvement. His red blood cell count, haematocrit, and haemoglobin levels have all increased since April, though they remain below normal. This suggests that his body is slowly recovering.

      However, the high white blood cell count shows that Mr. Flip is still fighting an infection, possibly worsened by today’s attack. On the bright side, his platelet levels are normal, which helps with healing.

      What’s Next for Mr. Flip?

      We’re continuing with iron supplements to help improve his anemia. The vet has also prescribed antibiotics to tackle the infection, and we’re hopeful that these will bring his white blood cell count down.

      Today’s attack shows once more how important it is for us to improve our rescue house. This is the second attack in a month, and we really need a fence to keep certain dogs separated and safe.

      If you’d like to help us build this fence, please donate here 

      Thanks so much for your support. .

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