How it all started...

I’m Andreas, the founder of Kintamani Campur, a journey that began with fostering a tiny puppy in 2018. Little did I know that this would blossom into something truly extraordinary.

Kintamani Campur started with Sophie, a fluffy ball of joy who stole my heart. As friends regulary asked about Sophie, I decided to create an Instagram account to keep them updated with little Sophie.  Soon, Sophie’s story evolved from adorable puppy videos to something much more profound.

Enter Baley, my first rescue—a courageous soul battling distemper. Baley’s rescue became a turning point for Kintamani Campur, transforming our content from cute puppy moments to powerful rescue narratives. The online community played a crucial role, becoming the backbone of support that allowed us to extend our reach and help more animals in need.

The journey unfolded, leading me from one remarkable dog to another, each with their unique story and challenges. Today, Kintamani Campur stands as more than just a rescue page—it’s a haven for countless rescued animals.

But, let me be honest—it hasn’t been an easy road. We’ve faced numerous ups and downs, moments of joy and challenges that tested our resolve. Yet, through it all, the unwavering support of our online community has been a lifeline, propelling us forward in our mission to give these animals a second chance at life.

Join us on this incredible journey as we continue to make a difference, one rescue at a time. Together, let’s create a world where every animal gets the love and care they deserve.