Hati the Ceremony Dog

My original plan this morning was to visit the rescue house and take a walk with the dogs. So I left the house with Sophie. She usually runs already a bit ahead while I´m getting my bike ready. Then I catch up with her further down the road. Once I reached Sophie I saw one house had the door open and Sophie ran right in. I walked in to pick up Sophie but then I saw this little puppy laying in the corner.

The Ibu told me she bought the dog yesterday and that they plan to do a ceremony tonight.

In Bali people sacrefice dogs when they for example build a new temple in their house. Then they usually cut the throat of a brown dog with a black muzzle called “Blang Bungkem”.

She mentioned a few times “kasian” which in this case in indonesian means like “poor him”. I asked her why does she feel sorry with the dog when she kills him anyway later tonight. Got a bit upset there. But then also told her if she wants that I help then she needs to let go of the idea that this dog will be used for a ceremony. But you could tell that she was more thinking about the money that she paid for the dog than the actual well being of this dog.

She then wanted that I forget about it and that I can just leave the dog like that. She just thought I can maybe give some medicine and then the dog will be ok. They actually just had a plastic cup of milk next to the dog. No idea what they were thinking. 

I asked her a few times where her heart is leaving a tiny puppy like that alone in the corner crying in pain and suffering. It was just painful for me in these few minutes to listen to.

After I went with this woman back and forth another woman who was sitting in the back, said I can take the dog and keep him. He won´t be used for the ceremony anymore. That was what I was waiting for. I asked for a towel and left their house quickly. 

I had to bring Sophie quick home as I couldn´t drive with Sophie and the small Puppy to the house and I also I was afraid that this dog really had parvo so I wanted to avoid any close contact with Sophie. I messaged the Staff in the house that I need a cage from the house and that we meet in front of the rescue house in a few minutes.

While waiting for a driver to pick up the dog I just kept watching the little belly and was hoping that he keeps breathing.

I managed to send him to the clinic and luckily he survived until there. He  was so fragile that I was so worried he won´t make it. 

So when the vet asked for a name that it was just the first thing I thought of “Hati/Heart”. As I just wanted that his little heart keeps beating.

I was pretty sure that this dog had parvo as he was puking and she said last night he was still fine. Usually parvo is pretty quick and a dog can turn from being fine to dead in a few hours. But luckily both tests (distemper and parvo) were negative. 

Initial Examination Findings: Hati had a high fever and a bacterial skin infection. He showed signs of neurological problems, like not responding normally and weak reflexes.

Diagnostic Journey: Blood tests revealed low white blood cell and red blood cell counts. This could be due to poisoning, a severe infection, or blood parasites.

Treatment Approach: Hati received antibiotics for the infection and iron supplements for his low red blood cell count.

Hati’s condition remains critical, but with ongoing care and monitoring, there’s hope for improvement.

Update: Hati has begun to exhibit neurological symptoms, including “paddling.” He has experienced diarrhea once and continues to show abnormal mentation, remaining unresponsive to stimulation. Close monitoring of his condition will be ongoing.

Sadly shortly after I wrote this post about Hati I got this message from the vet:

“Hello, good evening. We would like inform you that Hati’s condition is deteriorating and collapsed. we tried to do CPR, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it, he just passed away Sir. We are sorry, Deep condolence from us Sir” 

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