Help us to keep our Rescue house

The past two years we got the land of our rescue house for free from friends who had a land that they didn´t need and they offered it to us for our dogs. We build a beautiful rescue house on it and it´s been a great place since then for all our resues. But this year the contract we made back then is about to end and we might have to move. 

Of course I was checking options since a while but honestly starting from scratch is very expensive and I would love to find something more long term. But since we got everything there that we need and fits to our need I thought why can´t we keep this house? 

So I asked the landowner if there is a change to extend and there is. They offered us to rend the land for 60 juta (ca. 3500€) for two more years.  We urgently need your help to reach this goal to secure the land for another two years. If you want to support us please donate. No donation is too little. We need every help we can get here. 



Rescue House Fundraiser
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