We sterilized Putu, Nyoman and Kadek

Yesterday we sterilized Nyoman, Kadek and little Putu. They were the last dogs who were not sterilized of our dogs. So I´m happy to tell you that we now have all our dogs neutered again. We rescued them all beginning of the year when I just wanted to quick head out and bumped into Putu. I first thought I need some help with catching her on the street and messaged a friend who lives close by that area where I saw her but my friend didn´t reply right away which was luckily not a problem as I managed then to corner her in a temple and catch her. But my friend told me that she saw this puppy too and said there are two more of them.
So the next day we brought the other two puppies (Nyoman & Kadek) also to my place. Especially Kadek looked terrible. She had many open wounds and they were all a mess. We gave them a medical wash and brought them to the vet. We treated their wounds and skin and after around a month they were looking so much better already so I brought Kadek and Nyoman to the rescue house and they both look beautiful now. The fur is grown back and they are both some happy little puppies.
Putu stayed at my place as she was just tiny and honestly a little too tiny for the rescue house so I decided to let her stay at my place. Also one of my dogs (Mimi) and Putu got besties and they played every day so I felt bad to seperate them. I brought Putu one day to the house to see if she would be happy to see her siblings but that was not the case at all.
So yesterday was their big day. Luckily we have some awesome Supporters who sponsored their sterilisation (Thank you Denise, Aik and Angela). The day before we got a huge bed and a small bed donated so I made a little chill out area for them where they could rest a bit after being sterilized. It all went well.
Putu took it easy yesterday and slept all day but then in the evening was already much better. Thank you for everybody helping us helping them. We got another three dogs off the street and most importantly sterilized and avoid future suffering for other generations.
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