I rescued Penny from a place I always passed by walking my dogs. I saw they had three dogs chained up (Penny, Kiah and Kana). They just moved there so when I spoke up about it they say they just want to leave them chained as they are new. But as so many times here, people lie and come with many different excuses. With the permission of the owner I brought them to the vet and when I realized their condition is poor and there is no way this family can properly take care of these three i went back to them and talked with them about it.

Luckily they let me take them. Once they arrived in the rescue house we seperated these three first from the others and it was so nice to see them playing together and just being themselves. Penny was from day one very sweet. She just loves humans and her uniquie look makes her outstanding. she such a character and makes us laugh a lot.