I had an eye on Poppy already a while since she was with a family that I rescued one dog already from and they treated that dog very bad. When I saw they got Poppy I observed her as I walked by their house anyway walking my dogs in the rice fields.

But Poppy looked worse and worse. She got scabies and more and more skinny until I saw one day that she gave birth to three little puppies. That was the day I knew I had to get them out of there. Poppy stayed in the clinic with her puppies a while until they finally could leave and were the first dogs that entered the rescue house.

Poppy and her three little puppies Indie, Kairo and Ted. Kairo and Ted were adopted pretty quick and live now their best life. While for some reason Poppy and Indie are still in the house. Poppy is just an incredible dog. She catches everyones heart in a second and will be probably on your lap in no time. Seriously! She loves cuddles and humans.