Kiki and her puppies

Kiki was a dog from a neighboring house. I often saw her wandering around the streets, but one day she disappeared. Later, I heard a dog crying from a nearby house. Using an upcoming sterilization event in the neighborhood as an excuse, I went to investigate.

When I asked about the dogs in the area, the owner showed me several, but then revealed a cage hidden in the darkness, covered by a cloth. Inside were seven tiny puppies. I asked to take them, but the owner said they were planning to sell them, and his daughter would handle it when she returned.
The next day, I returned and spoke with the daughter for a long time, trying to convince her to let me take the dogs. Eventually, she agreed. Since Kiki was the mother and still nursing, I asked if I could take her too, as the puppies needed her. Thankfully, they agreed, with the promise that she would be returned to them eventually.

After a few month, long after Kiki gave milk to her puppies I wanted to return her to her family. She was super happy and tail wagging like crazy. But the family ended up just caging her and said they don´t want her. It was such a drama back then to get Kiki with the puppies and few month later they don´t care at all. Anyway, Kiki is with us and we found for a few of them beautiful homes. We still got Kiki and three of her Puppies in the house.


Jade is the smallest of the 3 puppies and always happy. She is such a sweet dog and always so happy Sometimes I think she is taking off with her helicopter tail. Her character is calm but she can also be very playful when she is with other dogs.


Wolfie loves playing and running with his siblings in the rice fields. He is also super chill but playful when he is outside. They are all pretty well balanced. But Wolfie also can be seen sometimes alone roaming around through the fields. I guess he enjoys also his "me time" sometimes. But he is also super easy with other dogs just very sweet.


the Gentlemen. I don´t know why but he has something classy. He has this beautiful darker fur and his eyes are very special. When he looks at you with these brown eyes it catches you. But outside he forgets about being a gentlemen and is just a lovely dog who loves to swim, play and run through the fields. Like his siblings he is very well balanced between playful but also very chill.