Penny, Kiah and Kanah

Whenever I walked past this house, I often ended up rescuing dogs. Even though there were new people living there, I hoped things would be different. But to my dismay, they had three dogs tied up outside. At first, I only noticed Kanah and Penny. It was later that I found out about Kiah, hidden behind the house.
When I talked to the new owners, they said they were just being cautious and didn't want the dogs to run away. But as time went on, nothing changed. The dogs were still stuck on their chains. So, I asked if I could take them to the vet for a check-up, and thankfully, they agreed.
Seeing how neglected they were, I couldn't bear to give them back. After a long chat, the owners agreed to let me keep them. Bringing Kanah, Penny, and Kiah to our rescue house was the best thing for them. Watching them play without those heavy chains was a real joy


At the clinic, we discovered something heartbreaking about Kiah:

both her fang teeth were cut. It was a cruel act, done when she was just a tiny puppy. When I confronted the owner about it, they just laughed it off, showing no concern for Kiah's trauma.
Kiah is deeply affected by this mistreatment. She's very scared and finds it hard to trust people. What she really needs is a loving home where she can learn to trust again


From the moment we freed her from that dreadful chain, she's been nothing but sweet. So friendly and warm-hearted, especially towards Kanah. She adores playing with the other dogs and splashing around in the nearby river.
And her fur? It's truly something special. Unique and beautiful, but her tail is the real showstopper. You won't find another dog with a tail like hers, that's for sure


Kanah was first very quiet but I could tell Penny and her had a close connection. They were mostly hanging just with each other. But the longer Kanah was with us in the rescue house the more she started also playing with other dogs. I think Sally and her became really good friends. Everytime I walk them in the rice fields they are playing together and chasing each other through the rice fields.