Nyoman & Kadek

I just wanted to run some quick errands. Maybe 10 - 15 min I thought it would take. But then I bumped into this tiny puppy running pretty lost up and down on a busy road up and down. The puppy had almost no fur and was covered in scabies. I tried to catch her but it was pretty tough.

I messaged a friend who lives near this area if she can help but she didn´t respond so I kept chasing this puppy until I got her finally in a temple. I brought her to the vet and then home to recover. Later my friend answered me and I told her why I needed help.

She told me she saw these threw puppies too. 3???? Ok this turned into a way bigger rescue mission than I thought. The next day we rescued also her two siblings and got all 3 of the street. The smallest one is stil at my house. Her name is Putu. The other 2, Nyoman and Kadek are in the rescue house and enjoying the life with out other gang. They recovered very well, and their fur is now fully back.

They were a complete mess

I took these photos right after rescuing them. Kadek had the biggest skin issues. Both of his ears had big open wounds. Nyoman was very afraid and it took a few days until I could get close to him.