His rescue started with his mom, Poppy! I had been keeping an eye on Poppy for a while as she lived with a family who always chained their dogs and did not treat them properly. I watched her condition worsen, and when she gave birth to three little puppies, I knew I had to take action.
I rescued Poppy and her puppies, including Indie, and brought them to the clinic. They stayed there until they were stable enough to come to our rescue house. Fun fact: Indie, along with his mom and siblings, were the first dogs to enter our rescue house. His siblings, Ted and Kairo, were adopted early by wonderful people and are now living their best lives. Indie is an incredible dog. He loves cuddles, running through the rice fields, and playing with the other dogs at the rescue house. He’s playful, sweet, and has an amazing personality. If you’re looking for a bigger dog, Indie is the one. Honestly, if I could, I would adopt him myself because I just love him. He is truly awesome. Just look at his smile!