Hazel & Almond

These two belong to a pack of four. It was actually a getaway where I thought I get some "me" time and as so many times on this island it turned out way different as I expected it to be. I went downhill biking in the north of Bali and I was with a little group of 4 or 5 people and it was all good until we bumped into 4 tiny puppies who were dumped by locals. Of course they were all female as this mostly happen do female dogs as they don´t want them to be pregnant. So instead of sterilizing them they just throw them in the middle of nowhere left to die basically.

Luckily I found them but since I was with the bike and this group I couldn´t just take them with me. I saw some locals working nearby and asked one of them if he can drive them to my place which is like 2 hours away from where we were. I offered him some money and luckily he agreed.

In the evening I got them all 4 delivered to my place. I brought them to the vet and had them with me roughly 2 months. They recovered well at my place and 2 of the puppies were adopted of my staff and the other are now in our rescue house. Hazel & Almond. They are both super sweet and just very nice and calm dogs.